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Julie Doll has a tremendous passion to help others lead a healthy lifestyle. This passion in life began early as she participated in many organized sports throughout her childhood and college years. Participation in these sports taught her leadership skills that she took with her as she entered the business world. She was content in several corporate jobs, but felt a call to pursue a career that integrated her passion for health with her desire to help others.

Julie Doll, Personal Trainer The decision to become a personal trainer allowed her to work in many different situations in which she assisted individual clients, led teams of employees, and soon became the director of a large health-club facility. Throughout those years, she maintained a strong record of satisfied clients who reached their physical fitness goals. Julie currently lives in Grand Rapids with her loving husband Corey and her two wonderful sons Rocco and Beckham. She now would like to help you achieve your personal goals for health and wellness. Please let Julie partner with you as you pursue your desire for a healthy lifestyle.


  • National Strength and Conditioning Association - CPT
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine - CPT and PES

Philosophy & Methodology:

Julie believes that physical health enhances every aspect of one’s life. She will help you to attain your fitness goals which will allow you to experience positive benefits in many other areas of your life.

By working with a personal trainer, you will have a partner who will ensure that your fitness routine will be done safely, with correct form, and include plenty of variety. Julie will develop a program that is tailored to meet your unique needs and push you beyond what you previously thought possible. You will receive encouragement and the benefit of having someone to whom you are accountable. You will also be surprised to find that all your fitness goals can be achieved in a fun, non-threatening manner so that you are able to enjoy the experience.


Personal Trainer Grand Rapids, MI

In-Home Personal Training:

  • 5 1hr Sessions - $425
  • 10 1hr Sessions - $750
  • 20 1hr Sessions - $1,200

In-Home Couples Training:

  • 5 1hr Sessions – $475
  • 10 1hr Sessions – $850
  • 20 1hr Sessions – $1,400

In-Home Group Training (Groups of 3 to 5):

  • 5 1hr Sessions – $525
  • 10 1hr Sessions – $950
  • 20 1hr Sessions – $1,600

Boot Camp Classes (Various Locations):

  • 8 Week Session - $240
    *Each Boot Camp Session consists of 2 classes per week for 8 weeks.
    Please email Julie for additional info.


Personal Trainer Reviews - Grand Rapids, MI Julie Doll is an excellent and exceptional personal trainer, motivated and motivational. Training with Julie over the last six years has been a positive experience, mixing up the training sessions so that boredom doesn’t set in. I am amazed when I compare where I started with what I am able to do today. The workouts and increased mobility and strength have impacted the quality of my life immensely. My husband and sons have had the opportunity to train with Julie and found that she tailored individual programs to suit their needs; whether it is training for a marathon, weight training, training to strengthen an injured knee or hip, or for weight reduction. We have all worked with other trainers and found Julie to be the best, very professional, but lots of fun to work with.

I would strongly recommend Julie for your personal trainer!

Debbie O’Rourke

After individually working with Julie as a Personal Fitness Trainer in a large health club setting, we have found a more fun and beneficial way to a healthy, active lifestyle. Each week, we eagerly welcome Julie into our home to work with us as a couple in our home gym. From the second Julie walks in with her enormous smile and giant "Can Do" spirit, we know Julie also brings with her a wealth of expertise in fitness training, weight management, nutrition and life balance. Julie's encouragement and authentic passion for the soul and mind as well as the body also makes her a most qualified, holistic Fitness Trainer. We are confident that genuine results and our success is uppermost on her agenda. Besides rave reviews from our Chiropractor who has seen significant results in our physical structure and strength due to working out with Julie, we have found it to be So Fun to work out together as a couple with Julie as our Trainer. We highly recommend Julie Doll to everyone we come into contact with who are desiring an effective and healthy physical change.

Kim & Dan Klaver

The prenatal program Julie set up for me was great! Her approach was very thorough including cardio, light weights, yoga and a food diary. Her enthusiasm and accountability were paramount in helping me reach my goals. I gained the least amount of weight of my 3 pregnancies and recovered more quickly from my third c-section and I believe it’s due to her program, guidance and encouragement. I would highly recommend Julie's training for moms-to-be who are looking to stay in shape and improve their pregnancy experience.

Monica Miller


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Dynamic Wellness Solutions

Dynamic Wellness Solutions - Grand Rapids, MI Today’s business environment is all about results. Capturing and retaining the best and the brightest is only half the battle…providing them with the resources to perform at their peak completes the circle. Dynamic Wellness Solutions comprehensive fitness center management and staffing services for corporate fitness centers assures smooth day-to-day operations, high rates of participation, and a satisfying experience for fitness center members.

Our fitness management services include startup program management, engagement marketing, program delivery, administrative and facility management, and quality assurance. Our services give you the advantage of our expertise in the design and implementation of health improvement solutions. Our experienced staff can help you articulate your business objectives and goals and provide the strategy and direction you need to ensure success and measure your outcomes.

Dynamic Wellness Solutions provides the following expertise in the areas of design, development and procurement;

  • Demographic Analysis
  • Participation Projections and Peak Utilization Estimates
  • Equipment Layout and Specific Square Footage Allocations
  • Facility, Equipment and Management Cost Estimates
  • Equipment Recommendations and Procurement
  • Facility Management
  • Onsite Programming
  • Design and Development
  • Membership Recruitment and Retention

During the fitness facility design and development phases, Dynamic Wellness Solutions maintains the highest level of collaboration with our clients, architects and everyone involved in the process. Dynamic Wellness Solutions professionals conduct regular walkthroughs, providing support at the beginning of construction – all the way through to completion of the punch list, and well into start – up activities.

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